About Tumble Design

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The Tumble Team

The Tumble Team

Tumble Design is a Web Design Firm based in the New York Capital Region. We’re two almost-engineers and a dog taking time off from college to pursue our deepest passions. We’re the kids that always did alright in school but blew everyone away with what we did outside of the classroom. We’re in our early twenties but have been designing on the Web for over half of our lives now. The education we’ve given ourselves simply can’t be packaged in four years or institutionalized.

Tumble Design is not just a job we do, it is who we are.

Our Philosophy

We believe deeply in providing genuine value to others and conduct all of our work considering the many perspectives of its users.

The Internet is a critical and empowering tool of our time. It is our intent to contribute to it, through our work, as positively as possible and to further its progress over time.

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  • Artemarx

    About of the ideas, all will be possible on the real world, only with the pasion and the preparation together.

  • marita

    Hi there – do you guys have a portfolio?

  • http://twitter.com/coveyduck Susan Ridenour

    Don’t see a link to your Twitter account(s)… That’s how I found you, from a tweet by @chrisguillebeau

    Translater app is cool – looked very hard for something like it about 4 yrs ago for a website I was designing. Didn’t find it in time! LOL

  • Tom

    Nicky – We are interested in moving our WordPress.com blogsite (all content) over to .org(?) to be able to make it more functional, have e-commerce, widget-buttons, sales/landing pages, affiliates, etc.

    I would imagine that means WordPress Genesis or Thesis and Premise? We don’t want a design makeover – just lots more functionality. And of course, costs are a concern factor.

    Can you help us?

  • http://blog.tumbledesign.com/ Nicky Hajal

    Hey @b1e9194490c301c8ac58173b400dab68:disqus – I’m sure we can help you get where you want to be. Could you send me an email to nicky[at]tumbledesign.com?


  • Anonymous

    I have sons your age and love to hear when young guys have a passion for what they do. I’m impressed. See you at WDS on Friday.  Sonia

  • http://www.prolificliving.com/blog Farnoosh

    It was incredible to meet you young smart brilliant kids, to whom I would bow if I could, for what you are doing. THANK YOU so much for offering to let me test out Pipiti (Pop!) – Love that name – and let me know how I can support you because I will do it fiercely! Cheers :)!

  • Cobi Eco

    configuring red5 application

    we installed red5 on our vps with 3d company and know we need someone to configure red5 application.

    Thank you

  • Mike B

    I need support on the Pippity product I purchased.


  • Bella.Zou

    Hi ,I am Bella.zou ,I don’t know how can i use it ?

  • coby wang

    hoe to use it ?

  • Pierre Henri de La Ney du Vair

    I am a wealthy retired Frenchman from Colmar in Alsace, France…. And I am perfectly bilingual. You should believe because… Honi soit qui mal y pense !!! J’ai fait toutes mes études en France sauf ceux faites a l’Universite de Notre Dame, dans l’Indiana, USA.
    You impress me !….in a skeptical sort of way….but nonetheless impressive ! I see that someone refers to a product called “Pipiti” but I have no idea what that Is Is ! Perhaps I missed something, but I would be very appreciative if you coud give me a general idea of your product.
    Je suis désolé de vous déranger… mais je serais ravi d’une réponse de votre part !
    Thank for taking the time to reply….
    Pierre Henri de La Ney, comte du Vair

    Courrier Électronique: pierre.duvair2@gmail.com