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Nice Translator

Nice Translator is a new breed of online translator that allows users from around the
world to translate into multiple languages in real-time, as they type

NT was our first major project launch and we are incredibly proud of the users it has helped
and the response it has garnered.

The site has undergone several updates since its launch in December 2008, including
one total rebuild from the ground up. Small upgrades are likely, but no major updates are planned.

Give Nice Translator a Try

Nice Translator for Firefox

We couldn’t help but wonder how we could make translating
on the web even easier. What if you didn’t need to go to a website to harness the power of Nice Transator?

After countless long nights, the Nice Translator Firefox Extension came to life. From any page
inside Firefox, NT is at your disposal. Come across some text you want translated?
Select it, right-click on it and select ‘Translate Nicely!’. NT for Firefox will popup in an
instant with your tranlsation.

We are actively developing this project. Thanks to the amazing Firefox Community for their help
along the way!

Get Nice Translator for Firefox

Nice Translator Web Widget

We love blogs at Tumble Design and are always looking for ways to give back to them.
With the enormous amount of international traffic on the Web, we realzed we had an
opportunity to do so with Nice Translator.

We created the Nice Translator Web Widget: A fully-featured version of NT in miniature scale
that can be added to any website with a single line of javascript. Best of all, the NT Web Widget is also available as
a WordPress Plugin and iGoogle Gadget.

Try the NT Web Widget
WordPress Plugin
iGoogle Gadget

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  • wanda

    So nice

  • Ada


  • Amrita

    mujhe pasand aaya.

  • Hassanben155
  • Adi

    Christ… Dammn good shit!

  • Howhandsome

    it doesnt work for Korean. 

  • Wendy

    you should do a spell check on this webpage. The word translation is spelled wrong.

  • Chris Taylor

    This Add-on does not appear to work with Firefox Version 14.01. I get a pop up box. I can select the English and Spanish languages. I can type in words and phrases in English or Spanish but the “Add-on” won’t translate them!

  • Krishnachaithanya

    Thank you very much. Nice Translator made our work so Easier,,

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  • Oliver

    Hello, i usually use nice translator and it will also nice to have sorted languages with a personal order (not only alphabetic), i use your tool to enter more than 30 translation in an ERP sys, thanks for your good work that is very helpful.