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  • What We Do

    • We design and develop.
    • We want to solve your challenging problems on the Web.
    • We like making custom WordPress Plugins.
You have an idea for a project on the Web and you want to kick it up a notch – that’s where we come in.

We’ve been building websites just about everyday since high school, nearly 10 years now. Our experience with both the functional and aesthetic aspects of web design is at the core of what makes our work so unique.

Generally, we prefer to work on projects that demand dynamic, custom solutions as opposed static site-design. If it can be done on the Web, we can do it. If it can’t be done, we can probably do it anyway.

  • Who We Work With

    • Great relationship with client = great success.
    • We work best with excited and responsive clients.
    • Our work is best when we have a lot of freedom.
We’ve come to learn that the single determining factor for the success of any project is the relationship between ourselves and our client. We want to be working on projects that succeed and have an impact, so we choose clients carefully.

Most important to us is that a client is genuinely excited and personally invested in the work they’re bringing us. We want our work to be meaningful to you and your users. Your enthusiasm is extremely motivating to us and encourages our very best work. I wish I could emphasize this harder.

This is partly because engaged and responsive clients make a big difference in keeping the momentum moving forward on a project. It’s all too common that the email-waiting game saps a project of its energy before anyone realises what happened (we’re happy to chat by phone, but work best via email).

We also prefer to work with as much freedom as possible. We want to get at the core of what’s important to you in a given project and be able to address that in anyway we can. It’s especially important to us to have control over technical aspects of a project like servers, software, etc. when possible.

  • How We Work

    • We simplify, iterate and work quickly.
    • We charge $250 per day of work and make the most of them.
    • Payment is made after a completed version is produced and is final.

We believe in big ideas but not big projects. The bigger a project is, the more likely it will get out of control and the less likely we’ll all be blown away by the final product.

Step one on our end is always figuring out what the core needs of a project are and building for those as simply and quickly as possible. Often, the first run through is enough. Otherwise, it’s much more clear what your project’s direction should be next when the first round is complete.

We communicate frequently and you’ll probably hear from us even if there are no major updates, just so you’re aware of where things stand.

We’ve written a lot about our process and philosophies on this site, so browse around to get a better idea if we’d be a good fit. Here are some recommended articles:

  • Getting Pumped?

    • We want to hear about you, your project and who it will affect.

If this all sounds like exactly what you’re looking for, awesome! Please get in touch!

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